mi zombiei’m an artist and, as such, subject to much distraction and whimsy. i’m completely self-taught, inspired by pin-up models, tattoo art, mythology and urban fantasy. i started drawing very early in life, like many tender lumplings (nod to danny elfman) do. i would copy my favorite cartoon characters and attempt to capture the magic i felt when i watched them or read them in comics. i was born on Hallowe’en, just after midnight, on a full moon. it totally explains both my demeanor, personality, and a myriad number of other traits.

my artist’ alisas, c d poe, finds its roots during early high school days and my fascination with edgar allan poe. the full name is christopher daemon poe but it is always shortened and written in lower case letters as “c d poe”. i was a prolific writer of poetry in high school, and while i don’t write as much now, still do to this day. i have designed tattoos for friends and family, and would love to learn that beautiful and intriguing skill some day. for now, i settle for sketching and drawing what niggles at this twisted brain, and committing those images to pen or screen.

runesigmajor inspirations for my art include both brom and his lovely wife laurie lee, tim bradstreet, gil elvgren, milo manara, luis royo, boris vallejo, vargas, olivia, and alphonse mucha. i love drawing from suicide girls, the alternative model directory on Fb, and other contemporary pin-up sources. i like neil gaiman, clive barker, and j.r.r. folkien for literature. i like danny elfman, glenn danzig, and trent reznor for music.

i primarily use pencil and paper to lay down an image. i used to use copic sketch markers and pens for inking/coloring, but most of my inking and color work is now done in photoshop cs5. i find this a very versatile way to work and saves quite a bit on consumables (pens, markers, etc). i have a great deal of respect for those who do all by hand, but as a computer geek, i am hooked on the digital methods.

i’m a horror movie fanatic, which i blame on the fact of when i was born. my tastes in music vary greatly, but i’ve always been tempted by a driving beat, dark undertones, and deliciously wicked lyrics. gothic industrial and electronic music are standards in my playlists.

much of the art on display here is available through my online storefront (www.cdpoe.storenvy.com).