Greetings and welcome to the new and improved (maybe)!

A new theme was selected for me to work with. Not sure it’s what I’ll stick with, but I like it so far. It’s a little clunky looking out of the box, but perhaps some tweaks with the code will rectify that. I just don’t want to mess with it right now. So far, I like having WordPress for my main page. The software is mainly plug and play, with the options of making customizations later on. It’s daunting navigating through the plethora of plug-ins, widgets, and other items available. However, a quick google search of what folks are using or recommending helps solve that angst. Generally. The main goal was to provide something quick and easy, and that is proving to be the case, for sure.

I have two galleries right now – Artwork and Artwork (R). I re-vamped my online store a bit to reflect my artwork that is “PG” and that which is “R” rated. This was based upon a comment made to me by a good friend of mine. He said he loved my art, but would feel awkward having naked boobs staring at his company as they walked down the hall of his house. I totally get that. Some folks are more comfortable than others with the nude form in artwork. Additionally, some of my expression is, well, fairly explicit. There are some prints I have that I wouldn’t even post for that reason. It did get me thinking, though, and that’s a good thing. With most of my work being completed digitally now, once a piece is complete, I will go back and create a more modest version. A strategically placed tentacle, cluster of leaves, or other object, and voila! no naked boobies staring at you down the hall. Fun for all ages.

The galleries showcases my artwork right off of the bat. It features most recent work (though I’d like it to be in a different order). I may need to find another gallery plug-in that will allow me to customize that. There’s one I was using on my old WordPress site that has some awesome features… for $30. I think it would be worth it to invest in that. The configuration of the galleries was really simple and quick. Plus, I could embed a link to each image – when the image was clicked on, it took you to the corresponding print on my online store. Neat.

That’s all I have for now. Hope to see you around. Cheers!